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When hungry eat, when tired sleep!

Someone asked a Zen Master, “How do you practice Zen?”
The master said, “When you are hungry, eat; when you are tired, sleep.”
“Isn’t that what everyone does anyway?”
The master replied, “No, No. Most people entertain a thousand desires when they eat and scheme over a thousand plans when they sleep.”

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The worst pandemic not even the WHO is aware of – Humanity in captivity of negativity!

As you’re reading this, humanity is in the midst of a major health pandemic; we’re faced with a disease that is not only affecting each one of us individually, but also society as a whole! While it may not be fatal in a literal sense, it is severely crippling, even more so as most of us are not even aware of it’s existence. A few brave ones, who managed to diagnose this disease, are trying their best to fight it, but the rest of us are agnostic to this threat.

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Choose self-reflection to prevent self-destruction!

My mother used to tell me that the best way to improve (or learn anything) was through experience, irrespective of whether it was a positive or a negative one. I, however, was convinced that a pile of good books (that have been read, of course) was the only way to learn more about life and fundamentally improve as a human being. I found it very old-fashioned and almost foolish to just do something and expect to get better after each iteration – I mean REALLY?

We humans invented books so we could pass down experiences and wouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel every time, right?

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